Bread recipes


°500g flour or bread flour
°1.5 teaspoons fine salt
°1 teaspoon instant dry yeast or 1/2 cube fresh yeast
°300ml water


Clear tank and putting mixer in the bottom of tank that will have been greased 
2 basic principles: you must respect the order of the ingredients and measure the quantities either with a scale or more simply with the measuring cup. Put the liquids in the tank first, then the solids, ending with the yeast. Caution: the yeast must not come into contact with the salt
So put the water first with the salt; then add the flour and on top the yeast (crumbled if it is fresh)
Normal white bread program (about 3 hours)
Clear the bowl, take out the bread then remove the mixer without waiting too long (but don't burn yourself anyway ;-) using the small hook
Leave to cool and store the bread in a tea towel.

Enjoy !