Amish onion pancakes


            flour cup
            1 t granulated sugar
            2 t of baking soda
            2 t corn flour
            Half a cup milk
            2 c onion
            Salt and pepper 
            frying oil

How to make 

The first step:
In a large bowl, mix flour, sugar, salt, cornmeal, and baking soda.
Add salt and pepper to taste. Stir in whole milk and add chopped onions.
The second step:
Stir until smooth. The mixture will be somewhat moist and loose.
Heat the oil in bottomed skillet over medium heat.
Third step:
Test with a drop of water, if the water sizzles and jumps, this oil is ready
Using a tsp biscuits, place scoops of the mixture into the oil, leaving space in between
The fourth step:
Turn it over when the bottom starts to turn brown
Fry the second side until it becomes light brown.
Fifth step:
Removing it from  oil with perforated spoon and let it dry on paper towels
Serving with your choice of sauce or cheese.