°1- 3oz. pkt. cream cheese, softened
°1 stick margarine or softened butter
°1 C. of flour
°Pinch of salt
°Combine cream cheese, margarine, flour and salt. Shape into 24 balls; squeeze each ball into 1 3/4? muffin cups (press the dough on the bottom and sides with your fingers, do not leave holes).
°2 eggs, beaten
°1 Tbsp brown sugar
°2 tablespoons margarine or melted butter
°1 C. vanilla
°Pinch of salt
°1 C. pecans, chopped

*How to do it :

Combine eggs, brown sugar, margarine, vanilla and salt. Mix well (do not beat with a mixer or the tops will be crispy instead of crispy). Divide the pecans evenly into the pastry shells. Pour the filling into the shells, filling 2/3 full. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Cool slightly before unmolding. Cool on a wire rack. Makes 24.

Enjoy !